A match made in heaven: BiFi Chorizo and Cheese. These two go together like soulmates. (6x50g)

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy1756 kJ / 424 kcal
Fat35,6 g
of which saturated fat19,6 g
Carbohydrate1,7 g
of which sugar1,7 g
Protein24,2 g
Salt2,5 g

Young matured Gouda cheese cubes 48+ Ingredients: Milk, salt, lactic acid, rennet

Chorizo-style smoked pork salami Ingredients: Pork, iodised table salt (salt, potassium iodate), dextrose, spices (paprika, chilli, pepper), salt, garlic, spice extract, onion, herbs, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), preservative (sodium nitrite), beechwood smoke

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